Expired Domain Sleuth

Expired Domain Sleuth (EDS)manages the complete process of finding and managing valuable domain names.  Because the life cycle of an expiring domain lasts several months, a monitoring system is needed so that once a domain is ready to be dropped (and becomes available for re-registration, you are ready for it.

EDS Manages the complete process of finding and managing domains (Full Feature List):

  1. Find the domains through various search methods
  2. Filter the list to narrow down your domain list
  3. Use link popularity to find the most valuable ones.  More links to a website is an indication of the amount of traffic it will get.  More links = more traffic
  4. Manage the list - constant monitoring is required to make sure you list is always uptodate.

If you are serious about find domains, then this product is for you!  Get your fully functional FREE TRIAL now!

Expired Domain Sleuth GOLD

An Add-on to Expired Domain Sleuth. EDS GOLD is a membership plan that is designed to bring you to the highest level of automation and "at-your-fingertips" information so that you can get through ALL of your domains quickly and efficently

EDS GOLD automates your tasks and provides a whois automation feature as well.  Use our GOLD lists to find any domains you may have missed.  (Full Feature List)