ExpiredDomainSleuth.com is being rebranding to ExpiredDomains.xyz.
The new software will be web-based, have millions of expired domains with useful SEO metrics.

Cash in on Expired Domains!

What started as a way to get a good Domain name for a new website has become one of the hottest ways to catapault your website's traffic and start earning Huge Profits!

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Our Expiring Domain Software does it ALL!

Every day 30,000 domains are registered and 2000 domains expire. Don't wait for all the good Domains to Go!!! The tools we have will maximize your potential for claiming your domain and clearing the way to Wealth!

Whether you want a domain name for your new website, get names with traffic to them to better market your existing site, or gain a name that you believe you can sell for a profit, there's not a better time to get going and claim your domain.

With our software suite, we will get you the right domain lists from a variety of sources, filter the list so that you only have your "Gold" Listings, and finally give you the tools to make sure you can register the domain name. Multiple full-featured tools include.

  • Find Expiring Domain Lists - 3 tools in one
  • Link Extractor - harvest links from entire website
  • Status Checker - check link validity
  • Link Popularity Tool - 18 search engines and directories
  • Bulk Whois Lookup
  • Domain Management Section
  • Domain Filter - Filter out the expired domains you don't want!
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Expired Domain Named Industry

The Expired Domain Names Industry is going through a Revolution. With the DotCom slowdown, thousands of websites with traffic are giving up their domains Loaded with Traffic.


Whether you want the name for your own site or for its link value, to get ahead of the competition, you simply need the tools to make it happen.

The Tools You Need To Succeed!

With Expired Domain Sleuth, you don't have to settle for waiting for domains to expire. To get AHEAD of everyone else, you have to register the domain names with traffic BEFORE everyone else does. There are thousands of sites that have traffic on them that owners have abandoned and no one has claimed them yet…..but how do you find them?

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Our System focuses on 5 Steps to getting the domains of your choice

Locate Premium

We give you 10 different tools to search expired domains to use their traffic to make $$$ or just to get the website name you have always wanted!

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Filter The List

Use our unique filtering techniques to keep track of only the ones you want...only keeping the GOLD leads!

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Link Popularity

Find out if the domains have traffic directed to them. If they do, these domains could be a source of additional revenue.

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Analyse The Results

Check Availability, drop unwanted URL's, register desired URL's, and much More!

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Monitor Your List

Websites are going offlline every single day. We monitor all of your lists and report to you when your website's status has changed. Once you have your list ready….sit back and wait!

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Expired Domain Sleuth is an Expired Domain Software tool to help find expiring domains. Using link popularity, domain filtering, and domain management, Expired Domain Sleuth can find soon to expire domains as well as expired domain names that could be valuable domains if there is expired traffic coming to the site. Once the deleted domains area available for registration, Expired Domain Sleuth will flag the available domain using its hourly status checker. Why let expired Traffic from your expired domain list go to someone else. Point these deleted domains to your own money making site that will make you money. This is specialized domain traffic software that will identify expired yahoo and expired dmoz registered website with high link popularity. Try our expired domane available software for dropped domain name today.

Use our link extractor to harvest links from website. Webextracter will become a harvester to give you the best expiring domain lists. The link popularity tool will filter out the domains that do not have the traffic that you desire.