Filter To Get To Your Gold Listings

Our filtering techniques narrow down the thousands of domains that are on your list until you are satisfied you are dealing with only the GOLD domains that you have a high probability in obtaining.

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  • By File Extension: Filter out sites have only the most popular file extension (i.e. .com, .net..etc)
  • Available for Registering: Instantly check if your domain is available for registering
  • Domain Holds: Place a hold on your best choices before anyone else does
  • Popularity Filter: Choose only those domains listed in high profile directories
  • Filter by Keyword: Exclude domains that have/havenot certain keywords of your choosing. Filter can pick out beginning with, ending with, contains, starts with an integer..etc
  • Specialty Filters: Use our special web checking technology to see eliminate domains that are not included on some of the more popular search engines. Find expired domains that are on Yahoo and save the $299 listing fee Yahoo charges!
  • Validity Filter: Eliminate Domains that have errors on them (i.e. cannot connect or URL ok. These can be powerful indications that domains may not be coming up for renewal!