Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are expired domains
  2. What is link popularity
  3. How are expired domains related to link popularity
  4. How do I find out when a domain is expiring
  5. Names that are not renewed by their owners eventually expire and become available for anyone to register. They should therefore be found on any of the online search systems offered by domain name brokers. But there are some Web services that allow us to see .net, .com and .org domains that have only recently expired (or those close to death). Unfortunately, these services do not include domains ending in the Australian identifier .au. To recycle a recently expired domain name, try the search engine at Whois.net, which has features "deleted names". On commercial services such as Domains Bot you can pay to search for .com, .net and .org names that are available or that may be available soon if their owners don't renew on time.

  6. How can I use your service to get new domains
  7. What will it cost to actually register the name?
  8. Once I register the name, do I own it forever?
  9. What are the chances that Yahoo will remove an expired domain from their listings.
  10. While certainly possible, its not likely. They are pressured right now to cut costs and produce a higher profit now. They are mostly concentrating on getting more listings for their directory than taking them off.

  11. What if I need help to set myself up with your services
  12. How do you help me in getting the domain once it becomes available
  13. How do I forward the domain to another site once I have registered it.
  14. Simple. Most registration companies offer this for free. We recommend www.godaddy.com currently offering registrations for under $10.

  15. What guarantee do you give that you will be able to get the domain once it becomes available