Make extra cash by selling Domain Software!


What its about?

By putting a link on your website to ours, you will earn 30% on all sales that your members generate with us.  Those members do not need to sign up right away, we will recognize them when they come back ...even 1 month later!  All of our sales are recorded through Share-it, a leading affiliate tracking company.  The funds go directly through them so you are assured of timely payments.

How do I sign up?


1) Just go to the link below. (You may have to cut and paste this link to your browser.)  This is to tell Share-it where to send your monthly check.  They will issue you a 5 digit code



2) Take your 5 digit code that you received in step 1 and add it to the following link:



where XXXX is replaced by your 5 digit code.

3) Use this link along with the banner below.  The equivalent code (i.e. one line) to paste in your html page is: 

<a href="http://www.expireddomainsleuth.com/?


http://www.expireddomainsleuth.com"><img border="0"


 width="120" height="120"></a>

4) This information is also available in the Affiliates Member Section for which you will receive access to on signup