Build a Hot Domain List That No One Else Has Yet

Finding elible gold mine domains is the hardest part of the entire expired domain process. We give you a set of invaluable tools that you won't find elsewhere on the internet.

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Our comprehensive set of search techniques lets you develop a superior list that beats out your competitors.

  • Deleted Domain: Search through daily updated Deleted Domain lists to get the gems that have recently been release
  • Almost Expired Domains: Search through Active Domains to find out which high profile sites are being deleted in the near future
  • Yahoo and DMOS listings: Get information on whether your listed domains are listed in Yahoo, DMOZ, or Looksmart. Registering one of these domains will save you $299 listing fee at Yahoo alone
  • Special Conditions: Our patented Search will identify sites listed in the search engines that have a high probability of being deleted
  • Custom Lists: Enter your own list of domains for tracking
  • Category by Domain: We bring you categorized searches by keyword for domains on the Internet which may become available for listing
  • Type-In Domains: Use the little known TypeIn technique to identify sites which have high traffic but very little Link Popularity
  • Our Own List: Search for Sites that have been identified by our system as becoming available soon