How It Works

For a long time, Insiders have jealously guarded the secrets to getting high trafficked domains registered to them.

Its true….everyone can get these expired domains. But you have to be on the same playing field as them. This means the tools that you have must be top notch! The concept is simple: Buy a domain name that a legitimate owner has abandoned due to his website failing and direct this expired traffic to another destination which generates cash for you.

How can you make money at this?

Every day, domains are bought and sold for a profit. Single word domains (i.e. regularly sell for thousands of dollars. Registering a deleted domain listing costs under $10 at some registrars. Its easy to see how Huge Profits can be made doing this!

Redirect traffic to a different cash generating website. You can either redirect to a page that has affiliates or sign up with a company like who pay you to send traffic to them. Once you redirect, you don’t have to do anything more….just wait for your checks to come in.

Use website to supplement the traffic that is coming from your site. Use keywords to target websites that are in your category.

Establish a pay per click site. We can show you how to build your own pay per click site for under $500 USD. Your listings will come from other sites where webmaster bid to have traffic directed to them. You don’t have to work or advertise to get your own listings but you can if you want to!

Now... The Math!

How does it add up? Say you find a website that has just a few clicks a day….that’s not that difficult if you find a site that is listed in even ONE of the directories.

Now you go and point that site to a pay per click site where you earn a few cents per click. Now repeat this and get another 100 sites using our unique search tools.

$0.03 perclick x 5 clicks/days 100 sites x 365 days per year = $5475

Your cost was 100 site registrations @ $9 per site = $900 to $4575 PROFIT

You’re probably starting to see the incredible leverage that is available to you!!!

How High is High?

Consider the top Reported Domain Sales that have occurred over the past several years.

Here are just a few:

  1. $7.5 Million
  2. $3 Million
  3. $3.3 Million
  4. $823,456
  5. $500,000
  6. $475,000
  7. $175,000

So are all the good ones Gone?

Not True! Searching for a Great Domain takes some time and work…..but every week more than 70,000 “.com” names are expired mostly because the owner has failed to pay his renewal fees.

Every week, thousands are released back into the system to be re-registered!

Why Are We Better Than The Other Tools

At Expired Domain Sleuth, we don’t settle for waiting for domains to expire. That is certainly one of the tools but to get AHEAD of everyone else, you have to research the domain names BEFORE everyone else does. There are thousands of sites that have traffic directed to them that their owners have abandoned and no one has claimed them yet..but how do you find them EXCEPT with a system like Expired Domain Sleuth!.