Gold Membership

Gold membership is a feature rich add-on for the professional domain sleuth who is serious about looking for valuable domains. To have the right tools at the right time is critical in competing to get the very best domain names.

Gold membership includes:

  • Real time Exody Lists - we parse, sort and deliver licensed Exody results to our server which can be quickly and easily downloaded to your application
  • Automation of Tasks - Because finding, filtering, finding link popularity are all separate tasks, you will want to automate your entire domain search process! We've added a scheduler so you can query the database, search for new domains, and implement multiple strategies...all without lifting a finger. Imagine looking at EDS only once a day and have a list of domains that has been filtered and checked for you already....Your GOLD list! Its like having your own assistant doing all the work....YOU get all the reward.
  • Proxy Lists - Want to hide your identity from search engines? Use our proxy lists to find unlimited information on unlimited domain names.
  • Pending Delete Lists - Get realtime lists for upcoming dropping domains. Find information on .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .uk, .ca ...and MORE. One of the most comprehensive databases available! Updated as often as hourly
  • Increased GOLD domain list download capacity - increase the number of domains that can be downloaded at once to 20,000
  • Automatic Whois Update - Expired Domain Sleuth will automatically query whois servers to update your monitoring make sure that when there is a change in the status of your domains you are watching, you know of it right away
  • Popup Notification of Change in Whois Status - When domains go "Pending Delete", you want to know about it fast. Once you check this option off, you will continue to get whois updates until you shut it off again.
  • Preferred Technical Support - If you have any issue with the software, we will take care of it FAST. From informing you how to update the software to implementing a valuable new feature, we promise to look at it as a priority
  • Execute Multiple Strategies at once - Automation lets you take multiple number of strategies and incorporate them in one whole project. Group your find, filter, link pop Tasks into a project, then schedule your project. The process has never been easier.
  • CA and CO.UK Expiring Domain lists - Updated Daily, these lists of expiring domains for Canada and the UK are your first step in getting domains from a marketplace that is not as developed as the .COM industry is. COUK and CA expired domain lists can get you
  • Link Extractor - If you know of domain lists of potentially expiring domains that are buried deep within a certain website (OR a list of websites), you can set EDS to automatically harvest all the links within a website. You can specify any number of levels for EDS to dig down to retrieve the domains. Extract links like the professional Webextractors link harvesters (i.e. urlextractors) that are offered on the marketplace.